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Diamond Anatomy
When diamonds are cut, there are many different types of cuts called facets made on a diamond. The following chart will illustrate where these facets are and what they are called. Even though the illustration is for a round brilliant shape, the facet names are the same for other diamond shapes.
Sections of a Diamond
With most diamond shapes there are also different sections of a diamond. In our example, we will show you a typical round brilliant cut.
Table :
The table is the largest facet of the diamond.
Crown :
The crown includes the section of the diamond between the girdle and the table.
Girdle :
The girdle is the section of the diamond that looks like a belt that goes around the diamond between the crown and pavilion. Some girdles might be faceted or polished. This does not affect the price of the diamond.
Facets of a Diamond
When a diamond is shaped, many cuts are made to give it its beauty and shine. These cuts are called facets. The diagram below describes the different facets in a typical round brilliant cut diamond.
Table :
The table is the largest facet of the diamond.
Star Facet :
Creates the star look in a diamond fact.
Bezel Facet :
This kite shaped facet fills in the space between the star and upper-girdle facets.
Upper-Girdle Facets :
These facets border the girdle.
Girdle :
This is the narrow band around the widest part of the diamond. It can be finished at standard with a slight granular surface, ground smooth or faceted.
Lower-Girdle Facets :
These facets border the girdle.
Pavilion Facets :
This facet gives the diamond a star pattern when viewed from the bottom.
Culet :
This is the very tip of the pavilion. It is sometimes ground flat to prevent breaking of the tip.
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